Some frequently asked questions and answers are below:

Q: I am curious to know, what is “A side”? Is it a different team than the one I see at practice?

The difference between the “A side,” “B side,” and the “C side” (AKA “Jesters”) is like the difference between “Varsity” and “Junior Varsity” in high school.  The A side match is the side which officially competes in Rocky Mountain Rugby Division II league matches and is made up of the 15 starters and 7 substitutes.  The B side match is the side which officially competes in Rocky Mountain Rugby Division III league matches. The C side is a developmental side and typically plays after the Rocky Mountain Rugby league matches and is made up of anyone that did not play in the Rocky Mountain Rugby league matches.
All the sides are Harlequins and players can play on both the A, B and C sides.  Many of our Division II starters started their Harlequin career as a B or C side player and then moved up after a few years.  The developmental side is intended to make sure everyone gets the chance to play in a real match setting so they can improve their skills.  Even for non-league matches the Harlequins always strive to give our developmental players a full match, even if it means playing our A side or Old Boys.

Q: What/who are the Old Boys?

Old Boys are guys over 35 that still play rugby.  Most (but not all) of the Harlequin Old Boys used to play for the Harlequins.  The Old Boys get together every few months for a match against the Old Boys from another club.  They also travel to several tournaments every year.  The Harlequin organization tries to schedule at least 3-4 dates a year where the Harlequin active sides (A and B) and the Old Boys side play on the same day.  The Old Boys are also some of our clubs biggest supporters, both financially and emotionally.

Q: How do the Harlequins fit into USA Rugby?

We play in Division II (DII) and Division III (DIII) in the Rocky Mountain Rugby (formerly the Eastern Rockies Rugby Football Union (ERRFU)) league.  There are also DI and Pacific Premiership.  DI, DII, DIII divisions are comparable to the NCAA football breakdown.  The Pacific Premiership is kind of like semi-pro, but not so much pro.  USA Rugby pulls players from all these different levels to make up the Eagles (USA national team).

The winner in the Rocky Mountain Rugby goes on to play in Westerns.

Playoffs go as follows:
The winners of the individual leagues (like Rocky Mountain Rugby) go on to the Regional (like Westerns) championships.  The top two teams out of each Region go on to the USA Rugby Championships (Quarterfinals, and then the Finals two weeks later). We have to win our league, then win Western Championships, to make it into the USA Rugby Championships. A combination of record, points for/against, head to head, and bonus points will be used to determine the league winner.

Our DII league is made up of:  Denver Harlequins , Colorado Springs Grizzlies, Glendale Raptors D2, Park City Haggis, Denver Highlanders, Boulder, Provo Steelers, and the Gentlemen of Aspen.

Our DIII league is made up of:  Denver Harlequins , Colorado Rush (Denver), Glendale Raptors D3Queen City Rams (Denver), and . Northern Colorado Flamingos (Ft. Collins, CO), Northside Marauders (Broomfield, CO), and the Littleton Eagles.

In addition to our league matches we also play several non-league (friendly, exhibition, tournament, etc.) matches against various collegiate and men’s clubs.