USA Rugby Registration

USA Rugby CIPP Registration Page

CIPP = Club and Individual Participation Program
This is the USA Rugby registration to allow you to compete as part of a USA Rugby registered club in competition. We come up in the system under Denver Harlequins RFC.

USA Rugby Benefits and Insurance

  1. Participant Accident Insurance, 25K per injury plus $250K catastrophic. This is the new one, and the reason for the extra $10. USA Rugby members can receive compensation for an injury incurred during a sanctioned rugby activity (travel to and from games, during games, and during training).
  2. If you are a USA Rugby member, you already have this coverage; you just need to fill out a claim form after the injury.
  3. General Liability Coverage up to $5 Million. This is the coverage members have always had. Basically it covers you if you kick a ball and it breaks a car windshield, or you tackle someone in touch and that person runs into a spectator and that spectator is hurt.
  4. No fee sanctioning of tournaments. USA Rugby sanctions tournaments for no charge.