Quins Supporters


For the 2018/2019 Season!!! The Denver Harlequins have put together a Quins Supporters Club with exclusive gear and home game benefits! As a Quins Supporter all members are entitled to a covered seating area during the home games, along with beer and wine provided by the Denver Harlequins.  In addition to the home game perks, Quins Supporters will also receive an exclusive Denver Harlequins Rugby scarf.  These scarves will not be for sale and are only available to registered Quins Supporters.
One of the benefits of being a Denver Harlequins player is the loyal and dedicated support of our fan-base.  This club would not be the same without them.

To become a Quins Supporter there is a one time registration fee of $50 for the whole 2017/2018 season.  Membership expires at the end of the spring season and is non-transferable.  Please remember to bring your scarf to all home matches for easy verification of your registered Supporter status.


$50 Quins Supporter Fee 2017/2018  
Beverage-Preference :