303 Youth Harlequins

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The Denver Harlequins have combined with the storied 303 Rugby Colorado youth program to bring you the 303 Harlequins!
The Denver Harlequins RFC is rev’ing up for our youth rugby program and the Fall Rugby Colorado season.
Rugby gets kids active with a fun new sport! Whether you are a former player, long-time supporter or new to rugby, this game is for you!  Fun, safe sporting experience for both girls and boys.  Simple rules – the game is easy to learn and minimal equipment is required.  Promotes excellent skill development, teamwork, health, fitness, and most importantly – Fun!
All coaches are, at a minimum, L200 Certified by USA Rugby: Tom Vyles. Kris Hofstra, and Jason Burbach.
U10+:  $70 per player
U8: $55 per player
League Fees, Field Rentals, Medical Staff, and Referees
Players Equipment Needed:
Navy/Blue Socks
Navy Shorts
* All can be purchased at either a local sporting goods store or through the World Rugby Shop
Rugby Colorado Registration and TRY Website

Weight classes:

TRY RugbyGradeAge on May 1stWeight Min (lbs)
Weight Min (lbs)
below this play down a gradeabove this play up a grade
U1251165130Co-ed Tackle
U1037,8,950100Co-ed Flag or Tackle
U85,6,73575Co-ed Flag
Rookie Rugby Promotional Video
Rookie Rugby Overview
Rugby Colorado Welcome to Rugby
We welcome any parent or child that is interested in learning more about the sport of rugby. Please fill out the form below to send your information to the Denver Harlequins administration and they will promptly give you a response to confirm your interest!
If you need to reach someone immediately please visit the contact page.